Monday, November 29, 2010

Me n MySelf


First of all, I want to introduce myself... 
My name is Nurhanis binti Adnan and known as Hanis...
But some of people called me Honeyz =)
I'm a student of Chemical Engineering in Food Technology at UniKL MICET...

 * Malaysian Institute of Chemical and Bio-Engineering Technology @ MICET =)

I'm a simple person and love nature...
Friendly????... I don't know... Only people know me call tell the truth...
I'm really hate hypocrite person... But i'm understand if there a certain thing require us to be hypoctite... If can, please don't be like that k...
 I don't no what can I share to all of you right now...

Hurm, I think I want to tell you about the person that I really LOVE and IMPORTANT in my life right now... =)

My Family... 
I really love them so much
(picture was taken before my dad died)

My Bestfriend

* Mas, Dayah n Miza =)

(mcm budak2..hehehe)

My MSR Group
 * Calcium Group

 * Petronas Group

My Classmate (Food Technology)
 * sorry...i'm only have this photo...but the truth I love all of u =)

My Matrixian Frenz 
* Wani, Naz and Yus =)

 * F6P2 Praktikum Goup

My Schoolmate
 * Batch ke-15.. we UNITE =)

 * Mira, Faten, Dayah and Maya

*Saff, Hani, Ummu, E-qa, Amal and Ain

 * Ainul Shakira

* Ain Jamsari 

I think that all for now...
I hope I can update my blog everyday...