Saturday, December 11, 2010


N is for Nuh
Peace be upon him, a Prophet who was very good,
Allah told him to build an ark, fast as he could,
Take pairs of animals and the believers-all,
The flood was coming and the waves would be tall!

O is for Obedience
It is the duty of each Muslim to obey,
The Qur'an and the Sunnah all the way,
Go for Hajj, give Zakah, fast, and pray,
And to your parents do not say, "Nay!"

P is for Prayer
It is the cornerstone of Muslim life,
And the devil it cuts like a knife,
Prayer five times a day is a must,
In Allah you should put your trust.

Q is for Qur'an
A blessing and guide for all of mankind,
In it Allah's message you will find,
Of all His messages it is the last,
Perfect for present, future, and past.

R is for Ramadan
For Muslims this blessed month of fasting,
Is to celebrate Allah's love everlasting,
All day, no food, nor drink, nor evil deeds,
Pray and read Qur'an, to heaven this leads.

S is for Surah
One hundred and fourteen in the Qur'an,
Read them and trust in Al-Rahman,
Do you know ten of them that you can say?
Knowing them will help you pray.

T is for Tawheed
La ilaaha illallah, Allah is the only one,
There is no partner with Him, nor son,
Allah is the answer to all that we need,
Watch your heart and tongue, He knows every deed.

U is for Ummah
The Muslim community which Muhammad (S) found,
The brotherhood of Islam made it sound,
Allah's laws in the Qur'an and Sunnah,
Are to help everyone in the Ummah.

V is for Victory
It is the help from Allah to you,
His guidance in everything you do,
Work and prayer a Muslim does need,
To celebrate Allah's victory, indeed!

W is for Wudhu'
We must keep our minds and bodies clean,
Because by Allah we are always seen,
Whenever you hear the call of athan,
Prepare and come pray as soon as you can.

X is for ......
X is not easy for us to rhyme,
So we'll not waste much of your time,
In higher math X is hard to find,
But Allah's path is clear even to the blind.

Y is for Yunus
Peace be upon him, a good man in a wicked town,
He ran to the sea and a whale gobbled him down
By the mercy of Allah he was saved to tell,
His people to become good and obey Allah well.

Z is for Zero-sin
It is the way we each begin,
Free from wordly sin,
So, don't let yourself forget,
Keep out of the devil's threat.